Here you will find informations about whales, dolphins and porpoises, known as "cetaceans"
The Swiss Whale Society is non-profit organization. Research on marine mammals in their natural habitat and presenting the results to the public, is their main goal. An important base for species conservation!
Dedicated to finding technological and business-oriented solutions to the impacts caused by open net-pen salmon farms.
Learn about the life above and below the surface of the Northeast Pacific from Jackie Hildering - whale researcher, diver,  brilliant photographer and, above all, a lovely teacher from Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Support for research on wild Killer Whales - which is proving essential in the effort to protect these magnificent animals and their habitat.
A non-profit society in British Columbia, Canada, whose work includes monitoring vessel behaviour around marine mammals and educating boaters about the "Be Whale Wise" guidelines."
The education, conservation and research efforts of MERS includes Humpback and Minke Whale research around the Johnstone Strait area, British Columbia, Canada.
The Meriscope is a research base at the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Eastern Canada. It is a platform for marine biologists and students to do research on marine mammals. It also offers to learn as ecovolunteer more about marine mammals in their natural environment.
Sie kämpfen an vorderster Front gegen die Zerstörung der Meere und die Ausrottung der Haie.
Greg Harvey is a friend and fantastic wildlife photographer. He combines his passion for travel, nature and photography to create wildlife images from around the world.
Jucki Wildlife Photography by Peter Jucker copyright © 2018 - All Rights Reserved
Hanspeter Bäni ist ein geschätzter Arbeitskollege, Fernsehjournalist und Dokumentarfilmer beim Schweizer Fernsehen. Er erhält für seine Werke immer wieder Auszeichnungen. Im Kontrast zur Arbeitswelt verzaubert Hanspeter, als ambitionierter Kunstmaler, mit seinen wunderschönen Bildern.
Whale Watch Azores, is a pioneer in whale watching in the Azores. The waters around the Islands are a rich marine fauna, including all major large whales and a suite of dolphin species.